The gymophobia is real

The Gymophobia is Real



We’re a week into the month of July.. aka time to seriously start thinking about that beach bod, and I have yet to step foot into a gym. I told myself when school ended that I would workout every day and show up to the first day of senior year looking and feeling good, cause what better way to start off your last year at school than looking fabulous and confident! So why have I still not gone to a gym when there are literally so many different types of fitness centers and classes offered here in Manhattan?

I was talking to a few of my friends about working out in the city and surprisingly, we actually go through the same struggles. As much as we would love to believe that summer in New York City is just like those glamorous episodes of Sex and the City where it's all fun in the sun, prancing around the city, and hanging out with friends, that fantasy is often short lived. Between working, having to stay late, and taking summer classes, we hardly ever find time for ourselves. And when we do, working out is the last thing that crosses our minds - it's usually to grab a drink with friends and wind down after a long stressful day of paperwork and computer screens. I could not have agreed more when Amanda said, “now that I'm working, I'm too tired when I get out and I'd rather spend my free time doing something else”. Lauren also brought up another great point and said that “it’s hard to feel compelled to run on the treadmill amongst a bunch of strangers when you're exhausted and would rather watch Netflix in bed.” We all know Netflix is bae, so I relate to this on so many levels as well.

Also, gyms are intimidating, especially if you aren’t a frequent gym goer like myself. Elizabeth took the words right out of my mouth when she said, “not having straight on guidance makes me question if I am working out efficiently in the first place.” I will admit, my heart races a little and I can feel my face get a little red every time I struggle to figure out how to use a machine (that is never open because gyms never have enough equipment) - it's embarrassing and I feel like everyone else is staring and judging me. Most people might not realize this but gyms make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, and it's a really intimidating place! It's also hard not to compare yourself with others when you’re in a space with super fit people lifting weights, running nonstop on treadmills, and still looking flawless. Why am I going to waste time waiting around for a machine when I can be in the comfort of my own home, not surrounded by sweaty people, and not making a fool of myself?

So I was in quite a pickle and the cons of working out were outweighing the pros. If you are like me and get bored really quickly, you know how easy it is to lose motivation if you only have one routine (aka only using the one machine you know how to use). My friends all seem to have found a solution for all their problems and they told me the best way is to get a trainer. Lauren said,“I've been working with an amazing personal trainer for the past four years, and she's helped me become a happier and healthier individual. Having a personal trainer not only allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable but she also diversified my workouts at the gym".

She’s not the only one that said this too; a lot of my other friends said that getting a personal trainer has definitely helped them get more motivated and learn new ways to workout that they would have never thought of or found online! They also know how hard to push you because let’s be real when you’re working out by yourself and you get tired, you stop - I mean I do at least, but with a trainer, they challenge you and know the right way to motivate and push us.

The great thing about FitNited trainers is that they meet you for a session where ever you want! You never have to worry about working out in a crowded gym or a confined space, you can workout outside when the weather is nice, or in the comfort of your own home! FitNited is really accommodating and since they go to the location you request, you never have to set aside 2 hours for a quick workout!

"Now that I'm working, I'm too tired when I get out and I'd rather spend my free time doing something else”
- Amanda

“I didn't know many people, I didn't feel comfortable profusely sweating in front of strangers, and I didn't know how to use a lot of the equipment." - Lauren
“Not having straight on guidance makes me question if I am working out efficiently in the first place.” - Elizabeth

“...learning how to use more equipment and having someone by my side who was always pushing me to do my best and challenge myself, going to the gym transformed from something I dreaded to something I enjoyed and felt rewarded doing”
- Lauren